Natural stone benchtops

In line with global interior design trends, contemporary Melbourne kitchens regularly  feature exquisite marble or granite benchtops.

One of the best things about these natural stone surfaces is their durability. Once again, a little effort will ensure your natural stone bench top remains in great shape for many years to come.

The first step is to ensure your natural stone bench top is properly sealed. This is something best left to the professionals. We can help you find the right person for the job – just ask us.

Although a seal will make natural stone more resilient, it will not be stain proof. Spills, especially involving anything acidic, should be cleaned as soon as possible using the method described in the previous section.

Otherwise, regularly wipe down your natural stone bench top with a clean cloth and warm soapy water or a natural stone cleaner.

Never use cleaning products that incorporate abrasive substances or acids, such as lemon juice or vinegar, and avoid using anything abrasive to wipe with. However, where its absolutely necessary, in the case of hard to remove deposits, it’s ok to use a light scourer on the affected area.

Finally, don’t sit on your natural stone bench top, as this may cause the stone to crack.   

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