Natural Stone tiles

Like any flooring, natural stone tiles can take a beating. From spills to muddy shoes and messy children, life happens.

One way of protecting your natural stone tiles is to put rugs and floor coverings just inside and outside the entrance to a room. This not only adds a sense of warmth the room, it helps minimise the amount of sand, dirt and grit that ends up on your floor. These abrasive substances are the biggest threat to your natural stone tiles, as they can cause scratching.  

As far as cleaning goes, regularly use a clean, non-treated, dry dust mop. This will get rid of any sand and grit that makes its way into the room before it causes damage.

It’s best not to use a vacuum cleaner, even with the brush setting engaged, as the plastic head can leave scratches.

What about spills?

Anything acidic, such as wine or fruit juices, has the capacity to damage natural stone surfaces. It’s therefore essential to clean up spills fast. Do this by blotting the affected area with paper towel. Avoid wiping, as this can spread the spill to otherwise unaffected areas. Once the spill has been fully absorbed, flush the area with water or a natural stone cleaner two or three times before drying with a soft absorbent cloth.

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