After nearly a decade as a leading player in the international stone industry, Australian entrepreneurs Mir and Daniel are bringing the Timeless Stone concept to Australia. Through its affiliation with global stone processing and engineering powerhouse, Timeless Stone offers Australian builders, stonemasons and homeowners access to some of the world’s most exquisite stone. Our stone is sourced from the most exclusive quarries in Italy, Greece, Brazil, Turkey and China, where we have years of experience handpicking the finest blocks of marble, granite, travertine, onyx and quartzite. Each block of stone we select is cut and polished to perfection using the world’s most advanced stone processing technology at our factories abroad.

At Timeless Stone, we’re not only offering Australian builders, stonemason and homeowners unprecedented access to the world’s finest stone, the economies of scale and industry contacts we have established over the past decade enable us to do so at a lower cost than what our competitors are charging for inferior stone products.


For the past decade, the founders of Timeless Stone have travelled the world’s stone enriched regions seeking out the most exquisite blocks of rare stone. We have visited high quality producing quarries throughout the world where we have handpicked the world’s finest quality marble, granite, travertine, onyx and quartzite for processing in our state of the art factories. We are now bringing our knowledge, expertise and global contacts to the Australian market.

At Timeless Stone, we believe that a well selected piece of stone is a natural work of art. Unfortunately, the current ubiquitousness of marble and granite bench-tops and vanities and a lack of focus on quality has cheapened the reputation of beautiful stone. By providing Australian builders and stonemasons with access to the world’s most exclusive quarries, our vision is to return stone to its rightful place as a luxury feature, whether it be as a kitchen bench-top, bathroom vanity, wall covering or any other application.


What sets Timeless Stone apart from our competitors is a relentless pursuit of quality. In a similar way to appreciating a rare gem, there is an art to selecting the perfect block of stone. Whether it be marble, granite, travertine, onyx or quartzite, close attention must be paid to colour, clarity and consistency of the stone and of course, the vein work, which is the feature that often distinguishes the most sublime examples of rare stone.

Unfortunately, the majority of stone imported into Australia today is not what we consider the best of the best. This is a trend we aim to reverse, using our established contacts across the most exclusive stone rich regions of the world and our leading edge stone processing technology to bring the highest quality artisan stone to Australian shores. We also aspire to broaden the horizons of Australia’s builders, stonemasons and homeowners when it comes to the the different uses for rare and beautiful stone, seeing it used to its full potential.


Throughout the ages, rare and beautiful stone has been used to create some of the world’s most magnificent art and architecture. All of history’s great civilisations have used natural stone as a building material, revering it for the same qualities that attract stone connoisseurs to this day. At Timeless Stone, our inspiration is the stone itself. Our focus is on what we consider to be the most beautiful of rare stones – marble, granite, travertine, quartz, onyx and quartzite.

Timeless Stone was founded to bring the finest examples of these magnificent materials to the Australian market, once again elevating stone to its rightful place as a genuine feature that symbolises luxury, style and refinement. A natural work of art in itself.